Monday, April 25, 2005

Blade Runner Drawing (Work in Progress)

I have been writing quite a bit about Blade Runner recently, and like I mentioned yesterday, I have by now downloaded several images from the movie.  These include some very nice drawings and paintings of characters from the movie, and therefore I thought of trying my hand at that as well.

I am trying a couple of new things with this drawing.  Firstly, I am consciously deciding on a layout.  Also, I am consciously trying to highlight different elements of the drawing by contrasting lights and darks.  Both these things are inspired by comics artist Jim Lee.  Whether I mess things up or not, only time will tell, but it doesn't hurt trying.

Currently the drawing is about two-thirds complete.  I thought of having the three main characters from the film in it — Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, Sean Young as Rachael, and Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty.  Depending on how these three faces turn out on the page, I'll add other details to complete the drawing.  So far, two of the faces (Deckard's and Rachael's) are done.

At first, I thought I'd wait until I finished the drawing before writing about it.  Adding another post here would mean that the post with my drawing of Varun would go off the main page!  And I didn't want the blog page to only have text.  However it's now already 3:40 AM and so I am going to continue the drawing only tomorrow — so I thought I'd post a Work-in-Progress picture anyway.  Here it is:

Blade Runner Work in Progress by Karthik

Hopefully this won't turn out as one of those drawings I never finish.  I'll post the completed picture once it's done.  Comments on this are welcome.

There's also another thing I wanted to write about.  Zee Studio (that movie channel formerly known as Zee Movie Zone and Zee MGM) is showing Kill Bill Vol. 1 on May 8th and Kill Bill Vol. 2 on May 15th (at 8 PM).  Now May 15th is my birthday, and what better to watch on that day than a Quentin Tarantino movie?


At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Mansi said...

Hmmm... abit of work on harrison ford's nose perhaps... and he does seem to have a slight squint but i think the mouth and his right eye has come out brilliantly... just the right sort of impression he often maintains... The black and white seems to be working well but do you want to explore the idea of using rachael's hair some way in that scheme.. I don't know, you may already have an idea in mind about that though.. Looking forward to seeing the final thing :)


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