Thursday, April 28, 2005

Three Things

One.  My training at TCS starts on May 27th in Mumbai.  The venue is Hotel Sea Princess at Juhu.  The training will go on for 17 days and at the end of that I will be told where my final posting would be.  The coordinator for this Induction programme is Ms. Aswini Mano.

Two.  I watched Van Helsing last night.  I wouldn't say it is a great movie, but I certainly enjoyed watching it.  The movie has lots of action and moves blindingly fast, but what I appreciated most were the very beautiful locations.  I thought they really added atmosphere to the film.  The visuals were great in some places but not so convincing in others (I am here specifically referring to the werewolf and the "Mr. Hyde" CGI).

Three.  With an April 29th release date, initial reviews (from press screenings, etc.) of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy are out.  Of course, there are some critics who bashed the film, but overall, the reviews indicate that it is a well-made film.  I look forward to seeing the movie.  I read the first book in the series some four years ago so I started re-reading it today.  Found a lot of new things to remember and quote!

Well the original title of this post no longer is true because I just thought of two more things to write about.  I guess these things happen.  Like one of those meaningless coincidences that Douglas Adams talks about in Hitchhiker's, my TCS training period is 17 days, and according to Aliens, if a team of Colonial Marines is overdue for 17 days, a rescue team will be sent.

Finally, reported about the Saw 2 Poster today.  It's a pretty great poster, cleverly carrying on the theme from the earlier film's posters.  Saw 2 will be directed by Darren Bousman (apparently he is writing the script also, under supervision from the first film's creators).


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