Friday, February 18, 2005

Some changes...

Those who know me well have got very used to seeing me with a goatee... but now after six (?) years I decided that I would try something different!  Of course I don't intend it to be permanent, and since now all the photographs I am supposed to take (Interface photo, etc.) have been taken, I have some time to experiment.  So here are the changes that have taken place...

  • February 14 - I shaved off the bottom part of the beard, so there was a handlebar mustache plus a bit of hair in the centre.

  • February 16 - Handlebar mustache only.

  • February 17 - Clean shaven!

I love the astonished looks that people are giving me when they look at my face!

My roommate Rupak got a digital camera recently, and we've been making good use of it (650+ MB of photos and videos within a few days accumulated on my computer...).  I will put up some of these photos soon.


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