Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Some pictures

Some months back, TAPMI's Arts and Aesthetics Forum conducted a Short Story Writing Competition, and I won first prize — a neat sum of Rs. 600.  I guess things got a bit too hectic towards the end, so they could not give me the money then.  So they couriered the money to me and I got it yesterday.  And today, I bought some comics.  I'll write about those comics and other things later — in this post, you can see some photos related to my comics collection.  Varun took the pictures.

My comics collection.  Click the image to open a larger version in a new window (it's about 560 KB in size).  Some things to note about this photo (we'll go column-wise):
  • The first column (one Superman and three Batman issues) is entirely stuff by Jim Lee.  The Batman issues are from the famous "Hush" maxi-series (written by Jeph Loeb).
  • The first two parts from Tomb of Dracula, featuring Blade, and then a number of Batman issues.
  • Two Spectacular Spider-Man issues, featuring a Venom storyline and art by Humberto Ramos (I like his unique style).  A number of other Spider-Man issues follow those, including the first movie's official comics adaptation.
  • Superman issues, including four issues from the "Birthright" series, written by Mark Waid, with art by Leinil Francis Yu (who also did those very nice covers).
  • A couple of Spider-Girl issues, House of Mystery, and some X-Men titles.  The clearly visible one is a cover that I like — it is a little different in that the pencils have directly been coloured.  A couple of Daredevil issues, one Elektra: The Hand (Elektra's not even in this thing).
  • Some Tarzan issues, which I don't normally buy.  But there's one with a Dave Dorman cover, followed by one with a Tarzan vs. Predator story.
  • One issue of Astonishing X-Men written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by John Cassaday and Laura Martin.
  • The first two issues of Planetary by the above mentioned artists and writer Warren Ellis.  The Indian version covers don't match the U.S. versions.
  • One Flash and some DC Comics Presents issues.
  • Frank Miller's awesome Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Book 2 and 4, followed by one issue of JLA with cover and interiors entirely painted by Alex Ross (I bought this issue just today).

I changed the picture on my Blogger Profile page.  Now it is automatically resized for display on these pages, causing it to lose clarity.  Here is the actual picture (it shows me with those Dark Knight Returns books):

And finally, this is a picture of me reading the above-mentioned JLA issue, admiring Alex Ross's art:


At 7:49 AM, Blogger Abhishek Singh said...

Hi Karthik,
thats a gr8 collection of comics ...
wish i had one like that too ...

At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Mansi said...

I'm totally JEALOUS!!!

By the way... checked out the mail vj forwarded? cool concept.. wish i could make it there...


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