Monday, March 13, 2006

SPACE — The Final Frontier

The "space" in the headline refers to computer-related storage space, which I managed to accumulate more of, over this weekend.

On Saturday, I went to Supreme Computers and bought the following items:
  • 40 GB hard disk, with a case that allows me to connect it to my computer through a USB port.
  • 128 MB USB drive for smaller transfers of data.

This is pretty cool stuff, and I've given Doom-inspired names to the hard disks (the one on my laptop is called Phobos Anomaly and the external one is Deimos Anomaly.  The folder on Deimos Anomaly which I use for temporary stuff is called Containment Area.

Yesterday, Sandip and myself went around Ambattur OT and took several photos of the area on his digital camera.  Also took a photo of my table with all the electronic equipment (I call this Command Control).  I will post this next chance I get.

As for movies, I watched James (pretty good) and House of the Dead (OK) recently.

Looking forward to watching Varun's latest video.  Planning to download it at the browsing centre tonight on my USB drive and watch it at home.


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