Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tha Book Review!!

So I finished over half of the book The Marketing Imagination by Theodore Levitt.  Now Vivek Janardanan and myself decided to split the task of reviewing the book, and initially we decided that I'd do chapters 1 thru 6 and he'd do the rest.  I've written notes on the first six chapters, but seeing as how I've got this far, I thought I'd read the rest very quickly (not going to make notes on these though).  It's like watching half of a movie — even if there isn't actually any suspense in it, I'd still want to sit through and finish it off.  Otherwise it's as good as not having seen the film at all, and that doesn't make sense.  So I've decided to spend the next 30-45 minutes or so reading this book — and I am going to complete it by then.  After that I will start studying for Advertising Management end term.

Grand plans are often made, let's see if this one works out.

EDIT (2:15 AM): I finished the book.  Took longer than 30-45 minutes, but I DID say "30-45 minutes or so", didn't I?  Now I will go and read the Advertising Management slides for some time and then fall asleep.


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