Friday, February 25, 2005

Exorcist: The Beginning (Paul Schrader Cut) Trailer reported that the trailer for the Paul Schrader version of Exorcist: The Beginning was available online.  And seeing as how I've recently been downloading a number of trailers, I got this one as well.

For a little bit of background on this: it seems director Paul Schrader actually made a whole film out of Exorcist: The Beginning, after which the studio decided it wasn't scary enough.  So then director Renny Harlin came on board and reshot most of the film — and that was the final version that was released in theatres.

Now apparently the studio might release the Paul Schrader version as well.  The trailer contains footage from the original The Exorcist, and then a few (scary!!) clips from The Beginning.  I hope I will get to see this version of the film.  I watched the Renny Harlin version and I thought it was very good (I know many people thought it was bad, but I liked it), and I'm curious to see what this version will be like.


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