Thursday, March 24, 2005

Comics Gold Mine!

I walked into this place called "Decks and Cards" (or something like that) yesterday — it is a small shop opposite TAPMI on the main road — because I was looking for one particular Gotham comics Super Special issue (Spider-Man/Venom).  That was not available, however, I did walk away with 11 single issues plus one super special (Batman Super Special 06), at a total cost of Rs. 140, a very good deal indeed!  These comics are old, but most are in very good condition.  This guy is selling them at half-price, so those interested might want to check it out.  Apparently he buys these issues from students in Manipal.  They do not know what they are giving away, seriously!

Read the first review for Sin City at yesterday.  This looks like an awesome movie and I cannot wait to see it.


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